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Thanks for your interest in contacting us.  Honestly though, why?  We’re just a blog that makes a few pennies from ads and maybe and affiliate link or two.  If you’re a human being who doesn’t like something we said, please feel free to post a nasty comment below the specific article and tell us what you think about it.  No need to email us.

If you are a copyright troll looking to threaten us, please be advised of the following:

  • All text on this website is directly written by our writers or has been written with the assistance of an AI large language model.  In either case, neither your firm nor your client(s) own any valid copyright claim to such text.
  • All images on this site are either AI generated, lawfully licensed, created by our employees/members, licensed for general public use, or are used well within the bounds of fair-use for news reporting and commentary.  In any of these cases, neither your firm nor your client(s) have any valid claim of infringement. 
  • We have never paid money to a copyright troll and we never will
  • If you do sue us, it will not matter.  We are based in Cambodia where your laws don’t apply.  Your sleazy scheme to troll people for easy money because you are too lazy to be a worthwhile human being won’t work on us.  But, feel free to waste some court fees to file a suit against a foreign owned website if it pleases you.  Maybe the judge will be nice enough to give you a piece of paper that’s worth… absolutely nothing.  Happy trolling!

   For copyright claims, please email: [email protected] (no we don’t reply to trolls)

If you are interested in marketing with us, please visit our Advertisers Page.

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AI Daily Digital

#505 Cvik 2 825 Street
Sihanoukville O2
Kampong Som, Cambodia 18000

Email: [email protected]

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AIDailyDigital is all about bringing you the latest news, stories, tips and tricks related to AI.  Keep up on the latest news by following our timely information updated daily.

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